DayDream Upgrade from an Older VersionEdit

DayDream has changed significantly over the past several years. A direct upgrade from 2.14.9 is possible, but please back up your system completely before attempting anything. Upgrading from the 2.15 branch on up to a more current installation should be fine. The only caveat is that if you've ever added anything to daydream.cfg for glftpd functionality, you'll need to remove it or your daydream.cfg won't compile.


As with all upgrades, your mileage may vary. Good luck!

This document assumes you've got the latest snapshot from the DayDream BBS Homepage

For reference, you can just grab it from its git repo like this

git clone

First set an environment varialbe for your daydream path, in this example, /home/bbs

export INSTALL_PATH=/home/bbs

Now, change directories until you're in the git repo you've just cloned, and in the SRC subdirectory

cd ~/Downloads/daydream/daydream-2.20.0/SRC

Build and install the binaries

sh build


Copy over the most recent documentation

sudo mkdir $INSTALL_PATH/docs

cd ../DOCS

sudo cp -R * $INSTALL_PATH/docs/

Now compile your daydream.cfg file as usual. Some considerations for file placement have changed. Any config file will be in $DAYDREAM/configs/, to include daydream.cfg. If you have an old location for that file, it's probably a good idea to relocate it. Also, all daydream related binaries are in $DAYDREAM/bin/, utilities in $DAYDREAM/utils/, and in the $DAYDREAM/bin/ you will find the ddcfg binary. So, for the sake of a quick explanation, throw your daydream.cfg in $DAYDREAM/configs/, cd into $DAYDREAM and run

bin/ddcfg configs/daydream.cfg

Then, of course, secure your bbs's permissions. Using a bbsadmin account to work with the system has been deprecated in favor of a more database oriented methodology moving forward.

Cheers and good luck!